2014 Budget Vote

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  • Bry
  • Hef
  • Derek
  • Everett
  • Noony


  • 2014-03-15 - Sponsor Meeting 1
  • 2014-03-29 - Sponsor Meeting 2
  • 2014-04-01 - Wide Release to Announcement
  • 2014-04-08 - Budget Lockdown (Official Announcement)
  • 2014-04-15 - Vote passes


Big Picture

"Account" Amount Remaining
Member dues income from PayPal $105,894 $105,894
Amount Currently in Bank $67,767 $173,661
Recurring Monthly Expenses -$53,245 $120,416
8 months rent buffer -$30,072 $90,344
Area hosts -$27,047 $63,297
General and Administrative -$8,500 $54,797

After everything listed in this proposal, there will still be a projected $54,000 available for the membership's discretion.

Area Host

Area hosts submitted budgets to this vote's sponsors with items that lead toward the area hosts's vision for his or her area. The process chosen for deciding is the following:

  • New capital purchases over $500 were not chosen for authorization under this proposal
    • Filtering a specific purchase out was not a condemnation of the purchase, but to allow the members to have a more distinct voice in the expenditure decisions of the Hackerspace.
    • Knowing what might be purchased later this year was helpful in planning the rest of year.
  • Member projects were moved out.
    • Again, not a condemnation, but intended for these to be resubmitted as member votes by the interested parties.
    • Knowing these numbers is also very helpful for planning.
  • Any area host budget under $3,000 after removing items for separate vote was bumped up to a minimum $3,000.

Grand total: $27,047

Monthly and Fixed Expenses Explained

The following is a list of recurring expenses. Some of them have already been paid in full, or in part. The following tables shows both what the yearly expected cost is, and the expected remaining cost for April to December.

Expense Yearly April-December
Rent $45,108 $26,313
Zoho $1,167 $0
Gas $8,592 $6,444
Laser Loan $2,292 $1,719
Zapier $165 $0
Chase Fees $300 $225
Quickbooks $504 $378
Waste Management $1,776 $1,332
Atmosphere $1,560 $0
Comcast $2,304 $1,728
Pagely $1,440 $1,080
Comed $7,920 $5,940
Member Points $7,200 $5,400
Insurance $2,686 $2,686
  • Yearly Total: $83,014
  • April-December Total: $53,245

Planning sheet

The following is the sheet used to plan the budget. Please be advised that it is poorly formatted and not written for viewing as it was written for planning.

Google Doc


  • The following expenditure are approved by the membership provided that executing the purchase would not bring the cash assets of the hackerpsace below 8 month rent, currently $30,072. These authorizations will be valid through December 31st, 2014.
  • All previous budget authorizations not made in the past 90 days are expired.

Area Host

The Area hosts are authorized to spend the following amounts for tools, consumables, supply and maintenance for their respective areas. Capital purchases over $500 are not valid under this authorization. Capital purchases over $500 that replace or repair existing tooling and machinery are valid under this authorization.

Area Amount
Electronics $4,250
Woodworking $3,850
CNC $3,000
Cold Metals $3,000
Hot Metals $3,447
Arts $3,000
Kitchen $3,000
Tool Cage $3,000
General $500

General and Administrative

The following expenditures are authorized.

Item Annual
Cleaning $1,000
Parties $1,000
Office Supplies $500
Swag $200
Meals and Entertainment $500

Board of Directors Expenditures

The following expenditures are authorizable by the Board of Directors for any amount, but listed here to represent expectation.

Item Annual
Legal $3,000
Space Maintenance $1,000
Business Fees $300
Safety $1,000
Member Points $7,200

Recurring Expenses

The following expenses are authorized.

Expense Yearly
Rent $45,108
Zoho $1,167
Laser Loan $2,292
Zapier $165
Chase Fees $300
Quickbooks $504
Waste Management $1,776
Atmosphere $1,560
Comcast $2,304
Pagely $1,440
Insurance $2,686

Recurring Variable Expenses

Electrical and Gas are authorized to the amount the hacker space is billed, which may be more or less than the estimates below.

Expense Yearly
Gas $8,592
Comed $7,920