2015 Budget Meeting 1

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Meeting start: 7pm 2014-11-05


  • Tom Judge
  • Justin Conroy
  • Michal Skilton


  • Went over layout of quick books
  • Is there an expense report user for quickbooks? - Yes with concur
  • Investigate expense system options - Concur is $8 per user
  • Played with budgets and reports
  • Discussed how to gather FY15 budget data from area hosts using spreadsheets
  • Discussed reorganizing departments to make hierarchies for general and admin departments
  • Discussed moving some expense classes to new departments for better forecasting i.e
  • Discussed making sure area hosts spend budget in an even distribution across the FY
  • Phoned Intuit to get cost information on more users but they where closed

Action Items

  • Create FY15 Budget Data collection spread sheet
  • Create area host accounts in google apps domain
  • Create area host report access users in quickbooks (free user)
  • Install and configure Concur expenses app in quick books
  • Install and configure paypal app in quickbooks
  • Create user accounts for TJ and MS in quick books
  • Work out costing to upgrade to 6-10 user accounts subscription
  • Meet with Area Hosts before member meeting next Tuesday to discuss budget stuff.
  • Train dogs to only bark at ups/fedex/usps guy not anyone