2015 Vice President Replacement

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Please place nominations for Vice President on this page.


[Resignation of an officer]

Nominations are open for one week, closing Tuesday, October 6.


From the bylaws:

In order to be eligible to be nominated, a person must be a Starving Hacker Member or a Full Member as defined earlier in these bylaws in good standing for the six consecutive months prior to the election. To actually take and hold an office, the individual must be a Full Member.


From the Bylaws#Vice President

The Vice President shall assist the President in organizing meetings of the membership. He or she is responsible for enforcing the rules of meeting procedure as detailed in this documents. The Vice President is also responsible for providing notice of all meetings of the members and of the board of directors, pursuant to these bylaws and the law of Illinois. In the event that the President cannot fulfill his responsibilities at any meeting or function, it is the responsibility of the Vice President to fulfill the obligations of the President.


  • Justin Conroy - nominated by Jenny Tong (accepted)
  • Andrew Camardella - nominated by Ed Bennett (declined)
  • Eric Beauchamp - nominated by Ray Doeksen (accepted)
  • Tom Judge - nominated by Matt Triano (declined)