2017 Administrative Budget Vote

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  • Mailing List Announcement: 2016-12-05
  • Officially Proposed: 2016-12-13
  • Vote to be held on: 2016-12-20


The purpose of this vote is

  1. to authorize the Board to spend money on normal administrative expenses not already authorized by the bylaws, and
  2. to ensure there is an emergency fund set aside for extenuating circumstances.

Expenditures such as rent and utilities (and a few other things) are already approved by the bylaws for the board to spend, so this vote does not cover those. They are included in the background information to inform the amounts we are actually voting on.

Big Picture

Category Amount
Current Bank Balances (as of 2016-12-06) $158,884
Projected Income for 2017 $244,320
Administrative, Per Bylaws -$158,858
Administrative Expenses, Member Approved -$15,000
Member Points -$6,500
Total Votes from 2016 -$8,244
Savings Set Aside -$75,000
Available for other votes/area budgets $139,602

Administrative Expenses

This is a breakdown of the predicted administrative expenses that are already allowed by the bylaws and won’t be voted on in this vote. It is placed here for illustrative purposes only. The other section, titled Unapproved Administrative Expenses, is for things that are not already discussed in the bylaws and will be part of this vote language.

Expense Name Amount
Bank Charges $900
Insurance $4575
PayPal Fees $7500
Professional Services $7000
Rent $89,133
Utilities $24,750
City/Legal Compliance $25,000


Authorize the board to spend up to $96,500 to cover administrative and emergency expenditures for the fiscal year of 2017. This spending authorization goes into effect 2017-01-01 and expires 2017-12-31.

The following expenditures and allocations are approved by this budget for the year of 2017:

Category Amount
CTO/Systems Maintenance $2,500
PR/Advertising $500
Meals & Entertainment (Parties) $1,400
Office Expenses $100
Cleaning/Janitorial $10,500
Member Points (currently outstanding and future awards) $6,500
Emergency Fund Savings $75,000

Previous Spending Authorization Expiration

All previous spending authorizations are expired as of midnight 12/31/2016 except for the following votes:

Vote Name Amount Remaining
Large Laser Cutter Vote R2 Expires 2/2/17 $2,240
Vote to Renovate the Kitchen Expires 4/18/17 $4,200
CNC Plasma Cutter Vote V2 Expires 1/5/17 $1,804

Other Requirements

  • The board of directors must set aside $25,000 for potential costs associated with city occupancy and business licensing and building code requirements.
  • The emergency fund savings ($75,000) are to be set aside in case of emergency. This vote leaves the determination of an emergency to the discretion of the board of directors and provides no guidelines for such determination.


  • Quorum: 43
  • Yay: 42
  • Nay: 1
  • Abstain: 0