2020 Hot Metals Area Budget Vote

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This vote has been withdrawn


  • Michael Skilton


  • Announced: 1/28/2020
  • Language locked: 1/28/2020
  • To be voted on:


I care about this area being maintained. If a competing hot metal area budget vote is announced to be held on February 4, 2020 this vote will be withdrawn.


Authorize the board to spend up to $8,000, minus funds used from the Temporary_2020_Area_Host_Budget, to cover Hot Metals Area expenditures for the fiscal year of 2020. The board assigns this spending authority to the area host. This spending authorization goes into effect on the passage of this vote and expires 2020-12-31.


Quorum: 10% of membership in good standing.

For: This is the number of members that vote but that agree with the vote language. Against: This is the number of members that vote but that disagree with the vote language. Abstain: This is the number of members that were present but that did not vote on the proposal.