2020 Special Election for President and Secretary

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This page is to document the upcoming elections for the board position of President vacated on 10/6/2020 and the board position of Secretary vacated on 6/17/2020.


The following lists the candidates nominated before the nomination deadline on 10/20/2020.


  • Jennie Plasterer - accepted 10/7/2020 - statement made 10/20/2020
  • David Earl - did not officially accept
  • Rob German - declined


  • Lilly Corr - accepted - not eligible due to not being a member for minimum of 5 months
  • Andrew Camardella - accepted 10/7/2020 - statement made 10/20/2020


The date of the vote is set to occur on 10/27/2020 3 weeks after the last resignation. As of the close of the nomination period on 10/20/2020 each open position had one nomination and as such a ballot will not be sent out.

The nominees will fill the vacant positions per a membership vote on 10/27/2020.

  • President - Jennie Plasterer
  • Secretary - Andrew Camardella