2020 Votes

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This page serves as part of a record of official votes by the members of Pumping Station: One.

Proposed Votes

Date Proposed Date of Notice to Members Date of Vote Quorum Description Sponsor $ Impact
2020-xx-xx 2020-xx-xx 2020-xx-xx <quorum> [[ ]] $

Votes Being Drafted (an incomplete list)

Description Sponsor
Surveillance Camera Policy Vote Ryan Pierce
2019 Anti-Theft Budget Vote Ryan Pierce
Vote to Buy Printer Cutter Brian Chojnowski
Vote to Establish a Woodshop Sharpening Station McTavish

Past Votes

Reference Vote Date Description Sponsor Yea Nay Present Quorum Needed Passed $ Impact
Vote_to_Purchase_Prusa_MK3S_Printers 2/25/2020 vote to buy prusa 3d printers Matt Keith 61 26 10 56 passed -$2750
Vote_to_Buy_a_Floor_Model_Edge_Sander 3/10/2020 vote to buy floor model Woodshop sander Zack S Eric B Gary n 103 7 14 56 passed -$1600
Vote_to_Purchase_Additional_Backup_Licensing 3/10/2020 vote to buy backup licensing Sky N 91 16 17 56 passed -$750