3519 Electrical Work

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Eric Stein's working on getting quotes from electrican(s) to get this work done.


Reel drops at sawstop, and multiple at each table row. Sawstop + dust manager need more power.


1. The ceiling extension cord in the electronics lab needs to be replaced with surface wiring. Three boxes spaced where the retractable drops are located. Do reel drops. Not going to do this, Tom says it's fine.

2. Since we are doing electrical we also need addition outlets on the opposite side of the ceiling in front of the the projection wall and white boards. I would suggest additional 3 outlet boxes spaced the same as the surface wiring to replace the yellow extension cord. Same drops as the other part of the room.


GHCI outlet by sink. Fix bent electrical drop from ceiling.


Fix exposed wiring, which there is now more of. Outlets as needed to solve the extension cords issue.

Metal Shop

The circuit that goes along the shop side of the shop (wood, metal) with the really long conduit, is one circuit. It trips sometimes if people are using everything.

Run a new circuit from the panel inside the shop, run power off of there. Shorten the wood shop circuit so it doesn't extend to metal.

General Shop Area

Fix drops that are not on stiff supports or use the wrong kind of conduit. Where there are no drops, we should add some. Everything should be metered to avoid having 220 where it's not supposed to be 220 and vice versa. Fix breaker boxes to be properly screwed shut. Map breakers.