Air Conditioner Replacement

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Vote to Replace the Air Conditioners

morrand (Andrew Morris), Lead, General Operations


  • Kevin Huemann
  • Joe Mertz

Vote Results

 Quorum:[ ]
 Yea Votes: [ ]  
 Nay Votes: [ ]
 Present or Abstain: [ ] 


Proposal Date

Date this proposal was posted to the membership and a request for a vote date was sent to the Board.

May 4, 2021

Member Input

Does the Sponsor choose to open the language of the vote for changes due to member input? (optional and can be modified at any time)

[ ] YES [ X ] NO

Vote Announcement and Beginning Date of the Discussion Period

The announcement date of the vote proposal is the beginning date of the seven-day (minimum) posting and Member discussion period. (Certain exceptional vote types have longer discussion periods. Check the Bylaws if you are unsure.) If the Sponsor has chosen to include member input, suggested edits can be made in a shared document or other collaborative vehicle until the language is locked. The sponsor can stop taking suggestions at any time.

May 4, 2021

Language Lock Date and Start of Voting

Five days prior to the Day of the Vote, the vote language is locked, all edits are frozen, and the language of the vote is converted to a pdf file. Ballots that include the pdf are sent to the Membership, and electronic voting begins. Note that the minimum discussion period of seven days leaves only two days for changes before the lock takes place.

May 6, 2021

Day of the Vote

Date the Board has assigned for the vote. The Day of the Vote is the day the vote closes.

May 11, 2021


In mid-2020, the air conditioner serving the 3519 side of the building (Cold Metals/General) stopped cooling due to refrigerant leaks, and while it was recharged, this failed to solve the problem. Late in 2020, the compressor for the 3517 side of the building (Wood Shop/Hot Metals) blew off its curbs in a storm, causing it to fail totally. As a result, neither side of the building currently has a working air conditioner.

This condition presents a health and comfort hazard for the membership during summer weather.

The Board has obtained an estimate of $14,450 for a contractor to replace both air conditioning units. This would include replacement of the rooftop units and the air handlers in both areas. In addition, arrangements are being negotiated for the landlord to defray some of the cost of this work.


This vote authorizes the Board to spend up to $15,000 to have the air conditioners replaced. This includes a small amount for unforeseen extra costs.

Language of the Vote

The Board of Directors is authorized to spend up to $15,000 for the purpose of replacing the air conditioning units serving the 3517 (Wood Shop) building and the 3519 (General/Cold Metals) building. The Board is authorized to draw funds for this work from the savings requirement established by the 2021 Budget Vote. This authorization expires on September 30, 2021.

The Board of Directors is further authorized to negotiate with the landlord terms for reimbursement of part or all of these expenses on terms the Board deems advisable.