AlarmLock PDL3000

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AlarmLock PDL3000
Owner/Loaner PS:One
Serial Number {{{serial}}}
Make/Model PDL3000
Arrival Date {{{arrived}}}
Usability yes
Contact {{{contact}}}
Where Installed on Front Door
Authorization Needed yes
Hackable yes
Estimated Value ~$1000
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AlarmLock PDL3000 Area: {{{hostarea}}}

Getting an Access Code

In order to get the access code, you should A: be a paying member in good standing with the organization, and B: have your id checked by 2 board members. The best time to get your ID checked is at a general meeting which occur every Tuesday at 8:00pm.

Reprogramming the Lock

The full manual is available at

  • The document may not render the keypad font correctly, making the document useless.
    • It fails to render correctly in firefox, and OS X's preview application.
    • It renders correctly in Adobe Reader for OS X.
    • It renders correctly in Chrome.

Sharing the door code

  • Please don't share the door code with non-members
  • If you don't have the ability to verify membership status, please don't give out the door code.

Changing the door code

Door code logic: each allowed code is associated with a user id between the numbers 12 and 50, inclusive.

The door codes are documented on a User Code Record Sheet that is stored in the safe.

Programming the door

To program the door, enter programming mode and enter function codes. All function codes take the form A {function code} (A params) *. While programming mode is enabled, the door will beep every few seconds. You may enter functions until you exit programming mode. To Exit Programming mode, hold down any button for 3 seconds.


You are now in program mode until you hold a button for 3 seconds.


A 2 A {User ID} A {CODE} *


A 2 A {USER ID} *

Temporarily Unlocking

A 47 A {HOURS} *

Erasing All Programing

  1. Remove battery
  2. Hold down A for 10 seconds (drain the capaciters)
  3. Reinstall Battery
  4. withing 5 seconds of hearing 3 beeps, Hold A until it beeps more
  5. The lock is now reset, the master programming code is now the default.