Area Host Meeting Notes 05-07-2013

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Area Host Meeting Minutes
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Meeting start: 9:10

In attendance:

  • eric
  • adrianna
  • hailey
  • colin
  • anna
  • tucker (proxy metal host for mike)
  • farkas
  • ed
  • kathy
  • geoffrey
  • josh
  • matt triano
  • jay
  • jim burke


Please read Area Host Meeting Notes 11-06-2012 and Area Host Meeting Notes 11-27-2012 to go over issues from last year before attending.


  • Is the work described in 3519 Electrical Work sufficient to make your area be up to electrical code, in your opinion?
  • Successes / concerns / requests from area hosts
  • Opinions on Tidy Space
  • We have to change how certifications work.
    • Mass certifications?
    • Area host office hours like Colin has?
    • This is especially important in the wood and metal shop because there are far more tools requiring certifications, yet neither of those spaces have regular certification times.
  • Overview of budget for 2013


  • try to use a wysiwyg (what you see is what you get) to make wiki easier to use for area hosts
  • should we have two levels of certification
    • certified to lead vs certified to teach
  • could we do standing monthly authorization
    • post this schedule to the wiki - not required to be peoples only time to get certified
  • Anna suggests certified in groups
    • general tools
    • specialized tools
  • making sure the certification is understood
    • can we post projects on the wiki for certain tools so it reinforces through practice
      • encourage people to look at these projects to reiforce what they have learned and encourage hacking in general
  • make sure that people understand, even after certification, that it is ok to ask for help if you are unsure of how to use a tool
  • Eric says look at the wiki entry of the sawstop as a reference
  • electrical problems (more info will be on the eric's wiki list of 3519 Electrical Work which he is updating as, during this meeting, area hosts bring up things that need to be fixed for safety
  • eric is going to announce at the next several weeks to remind people that they need to check the wiki to make sure they are on the wiki as a certified user

Meeting end: 10:28 pm