Area Host Meeting Notes 11-27-2012

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Area Host Meeting Minutes
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Old business

  • Wood and Metal should be two separate areas
  • Google docs vs wiki
  • Creation of Area Hosts mailing list and forward (Tim)
  • Compilation of infrastructure and supplies lists (all hosts)
  • Tool certification process improvement

New Business

  • welding area
  • Open the meeting up to anyone working on psone infrastructure? (Dan/Steve/Jeremy for metal, Josh for rfid doors, Rhys for network, more?)
  • Successes / concerns / requests from hosts


  • Vending machine (11/06/2012)
  • member / project storage policies (11/06/2012)
  • corporate accounts with suppliers (11/06/2012)


  • Anna and Geoffrey brought in lists
  • Add the lists to one spreadsheet and add cost estimates for replacement and maintenance
  • Anna wants people to be able to book areas so people and hosts know what's going on in the area when.
    • Do people need a form to submit events so this process is followed?
  • tool certification should be moved to the backburner
  • Welding area is coming along decently, equipment and infrastructure is being completed
    • Power is blocking completion. Need to run 220 and 120.
  • Shellie needs blog and calendar access
  • hot metal should be split from machining. Later.