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What do you want to know about the PS1 bathrooms?

There are five bathrooms in total at PS1, one on the 2nd floor and four on the 1st floor.

There is one bathroom upstairs with a shower, toilet and sink.

There are four bathrooms downstairs, two adjacent to the lounge and 2 just off the CNC area.

Extra toilet paper is stored in the safe. There is a wiki page for the safe.

If there is no toilet paper in the safe, then alert the General Area Host. The bathrooms are the domain of the General Area Host.

You might notice some clever "VACANT/OCCUPIED" handles on the bathroom doors. Those were installed in 2017 by the General Area Host.

Foul smells in the bathrooms: there seems to be a ventilation problem. We're not entirely sure what this is from. There may or may not be a missing vent on top of a pipe on the roof. If you know something about that, leave a note here or on the discussion page, or on Google Groups. If you see a post on Google Groups about it, save that information here on the wiki.

More information about related stuff is found on the page about Facilities. [1]