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  • Style: American IPA with cardamom
  • Codename: Putting the India back in IPA
  • Brewmaster: Ryan Pierce
  • Type: All-grain
  • Initial Gravity: 1.040
  • Final Gravity: 1.006
  • ABV: 4.5%
  • Brewed: 1/6/2013
  • Kegged: 2/10/2013
  • First served: 2/16/2013
  • Last served: ?/?/2013


Putting the India back in IPA ABV: 4.5% Brewmaster: Ryan Pierce Team: Eric S, Brittany Z, others who we are forgetting A bit floral, light, mild bitterness for an IPA (more of a pale ale's bitterness). The cardamon really stands out amazingly and it's very tasty..

Brew Participants

Those who stuck through thick and thin:

  • Ryan Pierce
  • Eric Stein
  • Brittany Zimmerman
  • Others we are forgetting (We didn't start recording brewing participants until after this beer was made.)



Grain Bill:

  • 6 lbs British 2 row pale malt
  • 1 lbs TF&S Pale Crystal
  • 0.5 oz UK Chocolate

Mash Schedule:

  • Type: Single step in insulated mash tun, no heating
  • 11 qt water at 160F
  • Target temp: 150F
  • Actual temp: 148.5
  • Added 5 cups boiling water to reach 149.4F about 20-30 mins in, subtracted from sparge water
  • Start pH: Did not measure
  • Time: 90 mins
  • End temp: 143F ???
  • End pH: Did not measure


  • 5 gal (less 5 cups)
  • Target temp: 168F


  • 90 mins
  • 12 fresh green cardamom pods added in sock at start of boil
  • At 30 mins, add 1.5 oz German Northern Brewer hops, whole leaf, 9.4% alpha, 14.1 AAU
  • At 85 mins, add 1.5 oz hops, same as above
  • Yield: 5.0 gal


  • Primary ferment: Plastic tub
  • Pitched Wyeast 1450 (Denny's Favorite)
  • Ferment temp set point: 60F
  • Oxygenated with stone
  • Note: Fermentation chamber dropped below 60F due to shop temperature issues.
  • Note: Fermentation chamber set point raised to 65F on 1/20/13 due to another brew requiring a higher temp.


Racked into secondary, glass carboy.

  • Gravity 1.006, ABV 4.5%
  • Date: 1/20/2013


  • Kegged on 2/10/2013 into Keg 1
  • Final Gravity 1.010 (pre-prime) (Measured with less accurate hydrometer, assume 1.006)
  • Primed with .5 cups of corn sugar in a cup and a half of water, heated until steaming hot and added in during the kegging. Placed back in the fermentation chamber.
  • Placed in the serving fridge on 2/16/2013 by Eric Stein.

Tasting Notes

At kegging, Tucker Eric and Esther tasted it. We found that it was a bit floral, light, mild bitterness for an IPA (more of a pale ale's bitterness) and a hint of sour.

After being carbonated and chilled, the sourness didn't stand out anymore. The cardamon really stands out amazingly and it's very tasty.


I'm not sure what we'll do with all of them but I bottled a dozen bottles of this. I took 2 - one as a helper and 1 as a bottler. One is for James who helped me bottle. Obviously 2 for ryan as brewmaster, I don't remember who else helped. They're the unlabelled bottles in the secret beer fridge, in the sixpacks. The labelled ones are obviously what they are. - eric