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This page is part of the Biosensor Array Project

Onboard Storage

Biosensor data stream should be stored in a non-volitile manner on the data aggregator board attached to the body. Ideally, the biosensor array will stream data wirelessly to a smart phone or computer, but this should not be required to ensure operational flexibility. Therefore, a moderate amount of on board storage is required.


  • Pro's:
    • Cheaper than flash memory
    • Simpler to interface & manage
      • Drew believes but needs to research
  • Con's:
    • Much smaller size that flash memory
    • Not removable

Flash Memory (SD, microSD, etc)

  • Pro's:
    • High capacity
    • Removable
  • Con's:
    • Higher cost than EEPROM
    • More complex to interface & manange
      • Drew believes but needs to research