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This page is part of the Biosensor Array Project



  • Researching galvanic skin sensor
  • Reading Oreilly 'Building Wireless Sensor Networks'


  • Build galvanic skin sensor [GSR]
  • Post video of GSR prototype on team element14 blog [due Sat, Apr-9]
  • Smartphone development
    • Setup dev env for N900 & create PoC app can send/receive data to Arduino
    • Work with Appcelator Titanium to create cross platform mobile PoC
  • Wireless Sensors
    • Attempt PoC of integrated wireless communication in case wireless sensors are need
      • [Pot as Fake Sensor]<->ArduinoDuemilinove<->XBee<~RF~>Xbee<->ArduinoMega<->Bluetooth<~RF~>Laptop


  • I'm fustini on element14 Community
    • Add me as a contact please & join our group
    • I'm very familiar with the site, so please ask me any questions you might have