Biosensor Array Body Harness

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This page is part of the Biosensor Array Project

Quote Bill Mania:

" To begin, the EKG (electrocardiogram) used a total of 12 electrical leads. Each lead captures the electrical signal from a specific location on the body. All of the leads were then connected to a device about the size of an old Walkman and which weighed about a pound. The device was attached to my waist at the front via a nylon webbing strap and a Fastex buckle. It stayed in place well, even while I was running for dear life on the inclined treadmill. The device was connected to the monitor via a single cable.


In short, I think our plan for an elastic band around the chest, with the majority of the control hardware hanging in the middle of the subject's back, will work and won't even be that different from existing systems. I do think, however, that we may also be well served by adding one or two adjustable shoulder straps to that same chest strap. That way, the elastic won't have to be quite so tight, but still able to keep the whole apparatus from sliding down the subject's chest.