BlueAir Blue Pure 211+ Air Purifier

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BlueAir Blue Pure 211+ Air Purifier
Owner/Loaner PS:One
Make/Model 211PACF100711
Arrival Date 30 October 2020
Usability Yes
Contact Andrew Morris
Where See Page
Authorization Needed No
Hackable No
Estimated Value $300 each
Host Area General Area

BlueAir Blue Pure 211+ Air Purifier Area: General Area

What is this?

The Board decided in October 2020 to purchase several air purifiers to help with controlling the spread of COVID-19 in the space during the pandemic of 2020.

The air purifiers are equipped with HEPA-like filters. The manufacturer won't call them HEPA filters, but does make a lot of other claims about them that make them sound like they are about as good, including that they'll catch viruses. The filters also contain activated carbon to help trap solvents and vapors. There is also a part of the machine called the "ion chamber (air stream optimizer)," which sure sounds like it does something cool, although they won't say what. These are not air ionizers.

Where is this?

There are four purifiers located in the front part of the building: one each in 3D Printing, the Lounge, Graphic Arts, and Electronics.

There are no purifiers in the workshop areas simply because they're too large to cover with units like this. You're encouraged to run the exhaust fans in the General/Cold Metals area whenever possible. In the Wood Shop, you should be running the dust collector whenever you are working on machines that are connected to it, or using a shop vacuum otherwise; there are also some ceiling-mounted purifiers to help catch the rest of the dust.

How do I use it?

There is a grand total of one control, so it's pretty easy.

To turn on

Touch the round knob on the front. One white light will come on and the fan will start. After a moment, the light will dim. Pretty slick, eh?

To change speed

Touch the round knob briefly. This will light up another white light on the front and the speed will increase.

To shut off

Touch the round knob repeatedly until all the lights go out.

How do I not use it?

Don't set anything on top of the machine. That will block the air flow, which defeats the purpose, but it also probably will make the fan motor heat up and shorten the machine's lifespan. Also try to keep the area around the machine clear so it can pull in dirty air effectively.

Definitely don't set anything wet on top of the machine. It's not waterproof, in addition to the problem mentioned above.

Don't pick it up by the white top. That part unlatches from the bottom and can't hold the weight of the whole thing.

For the duration of the COVID-19 emergency, please leave the purifiers on high unless you have a good reason to lower them or shut them off. While we're on the subject, also realize these machines are meant to help provide a little more protection during the emergency. You still need to wear a mask and follow all the other COVID rules while in the space.

How do I maintain it?

These purifiers take replacement filter #F211PACF101652 (from Abt Electronics, Glenview, $70 as of the purchase date). We bought spare filters too. They are stashed in the vault. A filter is supposed to be good for six months or so; it remains to be seen whether we can get that much life from them.

Each purifier also has a washable prefilter, which is just a cloth tube that pulls over the bottom part of the machine (the filter housing). This can be vacuumed off or removed and hand-washed (or machine washed, gentle cycle, cold water) as needed.

To check the filter

The machine's indicator lights will show the filter status as follows:

  • White: Everything is OK.
  • Yellow: The filter is about one month away from replacement. Check if we have a spare in the vault; if not, contact the General Area host or General Operations to have a new one ordered.
  • Red: The filter is done and needs replacement now.

To change the filter

  1. Turn off and unplug the machine.
  2. Push in the latch buttons on both sides (the small rectangular buttons at the bottom of the white housing) and lift off the top.
  3. Lift out the filter cartridge and put it in the trash.
  4. Check the prefilter. Now is a good time to wash it out if it needs it. Once it is clean and dry, pull it over the lower housing and hook the top under the hooks at the corners.
  5. Unfold and insert the new cartridge into the housing.
  6. Set the top back onto the unit and push down until you hear a click. It only goes on two ways; if it doesn't latch, check that it is on the right way: you may need to turn it 90 degrees to get it on the right way.
  7. Plug in the unit.
  8. Push and hold the button on the front for three seconds. This resets the filter timer. The indicator lights will blink three times and then turn white to show that the filter timer has been reset.