Board Meeting Consent Agenda 2018-03-6

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This is the Consent Agenda for the 2018-03-06 PS1 Board Meeting.

Links to be replaced by final copy by 11:59 PM of the Saturday before the Board Meeting. Proposed Agenda items:

Proposer: Kathryn Born

Title: Canvas project BoD check-ins

Basics: Canvas (Learning Managment System) software install is having problems; courses can’t be successfully published.

Why the board should be kept up to date: this project has tangential connections with our insurance liability.

Proposal: When milestones has been reached, or progress has stalled, BoD is informed

Proposer: Adam Stein

Title: Newsletter opt-in

Basics: We previously discussed the fact that regulations prevent us from automatically opting members into the newsletter. It turns out this is wrong. So we should reconsider our plan here in light of our expanded range of options. Details.

Proposal: Opt all members into the newsletter, and send an initial opt-out email so that they can decline