Board Meeting Notes 2012-04-10

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Board Meeting Minutes
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Meeting start: 07:10 pm



Old Business

  • Flourish check?
  • Lease status update?
  • The front door lock is no longer broken!

New Business

  • Financial/membership report
  • Too many guests disrupts the space. How do we deal with that?
  • Reduce traffic to info@ (network notifications)
    • weren't we going to have a trouble ticket system?
  • for financial reporting


  • We have received a check from Flourish
  • The new landlord's lawyer has not responded to Matt's dad.
    • We need to pester the broker
  • Steve and the lock-picking class have fixed the front door lock
  • Membership numbers
    • Starving: 69
    • Full: 60
  • Tim suggested we might be able to use to track our income
    • They do need access to our bank account
    • Ishmael is working on it
  • Rhys suggested that we should accept Bitcoin for membership dues
    • other suggested services like Google Wallet
    • it has been pointed out that our website doesn't mention that it's possible to pay in ways other than Paypal
    • Rhys has agreed to table his suggestion until an automated method for Bitcoin payment is found
  • A discussion was had about whether, or not, should be re-directed to the member mailing lists instead of the director's list
    • Should we move the "info@" to the bottom of the page?
    • Should we dedicate the IRC channel to answering general questions? (and spin off an "off-topic" channel)
    • Should we embed the public list onto main PS:One website?
  • Trouble ticket system
    • Eric is playing with Mantis
    • Rhys is playing with Gyra
    • Both believe that a system will be up and running very soon.
  • "Too many guests" issue
    • A member recently invited a massive number of people to the space and held an unannounced party
      • Members at the space at the same time found it very difficult to get things done.
      • No prior warning was given of the event
      • No waivers were signed
      • A mess was made and space equipment, such as the laser cutter, were disrespected.
      • We will re-iterate that the rules state that, as a member with guests, you are responsible for making sure that every one signs a waver and for watching them all while they are at the space. You are, also, responsible for their actions while they are at the space (for example, any damage they may cause).
      • We will, also, remind the membership that when you are having a very large group of guests at the space it is the respectful thing to announce this to the space well in advance of the day of your event.

Meeting End: 07:59 pm