Board Meeting Notes 2009-06-16

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Board Meeting Minutes
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  • Jeff K
  • Zane
  • Eric M
  • Ishmael
  • Teddie
  • Nicolle
  • Dan Krol
  • Jordan
  • Eli

Come to Order - 7:00

  • Updates from Directors/Committees
    • Geek Prom: made $580.66 - a lot of fun for not much cost.
      • About 150 attendees - about 97 paid attendees
      • We got into the Reader, Time Out, Chicagoist, Gaper's Block
      • Should be an annual event
      • co-prosperity invites us back again for ANY event
    • Treasurer
      • Membership Count: 35 paid
      • Cash on Hand: about 2k after June membership dues
    • Chief Technological Officer
      • Web Stats
    • RFID keys - more secure, able to lock out non-payors
      • split the cost between Steve, Tyler, and PS1
      • working on getting quotes now
      • will be attached to membership management system
      • use key deposits to pay for the PS1 system
    • Buildout comittee
      • welcome back
      • need to get all the cube walls up on the loft top and bottoms
        • leave panels off - looks like we ransacked an office building
      • need a design committee for painting and making the space pretty - Eli will be the go-to person
      • proposal to reimburse buildout - will be placed before the general membership meeting for vote.
  • Now that we're officially open, what is the next step?
    • geek prom wasn't big enough to grab attention
      • end of PPWRS should be GRAND opening.
      • or grand opening in one year
    • this week is sponsorship week
    • Jim will read off list of non-payors
  • Treasurer: all directors now have cricket bat list (non-payors)

Meeting Adjourned - 8:00