Board Meeting Notes 2009-06-23

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Board Meeting Minutes
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  • Nicky
  • Jeff
  • Jordan
  • Eric
  • Sacha
  • Nathan
  • Paul
  • Ishmael
  • Eli
  • Tim

Come to Order - 7:00

  • Updates from Directors/Committees
    • President
    • VP
      • Git tutorial tomorrow night.
      • Python has the most interest, and thus will likely be an intro to programming class.
    • Treasurer
      • PPPWRS Batteries have been paid for
      • Membership problems are being resolved, 6 have fixed so far.
      • Will work on revising subscription options to make enrolling more clear.
      • Membership management gearing up now that more people are free from other projects.
    • Secretary
      • Workshop surfaces are in, begin discussion on how and what will go in there
    • Chief Technological Officer
      • Zane is awaiting a rack that is promised and will mount all our servers when it comes.
      • Needs to know about RFID setup to plan software install.
    • Directors At-Large
      • Food Ban in the physical space is in effect.
      • Welding Class went well
      • $500 mark needs to be reached to pay off investment from Eric & Josh
    • PPWRS
      • 1 event locked in - 3rd race
      • 1 sponsor on board as of now
      • Jeff shooting to have last race at UIC
      • Next week focused on collecting sponsors and locking in tracks.
  • Course of action in keeping space clean
    • As part of organization, we will start implementing a policy where if you leave things out, you risk it being trashed/taken/given away
    • Use the rest of the bins as lockers priority to have for user storage.
  • Food/Drink ban

Meeting Adjourned - 7:55