Board Meeting Notes 2009-07-07

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Board Meeting Minutes
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  • Paul
  • Josh
  • Julie
  • Eric
  • Ishmael
  • Jordan
  • Sacha
  • Nathan
  • Zane
  • Josh

Come to Order - 7:17

  • Lockers/Key Deposit
    • Adam said he would be able to acquire more overhead bins
  • Food/Drink
    • Have we finalized the policy on this?
    • Will let expire?
  • Tyler Durden - PHP class
    • Wants to teach a class involving PHP vulnerabilities
    • Concern over non-member who has a troubled record
    • Co-Ran former hackerspace: Dai5y Chain which is no longer around
    • Has been known around tech circles in Chicago as causing trouble (2600).
    • General consensus that we want to give a second chance.
    • Discussion tabled, will see how much planning goes into the class.
    • Sponsorship coming in line, PPPWRS rep not present to specify.
    • Might have a suburban location for a race.
  • Officialize Julie as PR Director
    • Will have to draft and vote on official motion for the membership
    • Benefits of elected office over unofficial position
      • PR Director is empowered to speak to the press on behalf of the space.
  • Email
    • Subdomains ( is redundant, we should move email addresses to the root of the domain
    • Will dump google for Zane's email service at the root.
    • Passwords cahnging is initialized
  • Network
    • Zane will be acquiring a new, more full-featured router.
    • Needs a vehicle to pick up Dell 2950 2U router.

Meeting Adjourned - 8:00