Board Meeting Notes 2009-08-04

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Board Meeting Minutes
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  • Zane
  • Sarah
  • Eli
  • Nathan
  • Julie
  • Josh
  • Jeff
  • Paul
  • Bilal
  • Nicky
  • Jordan
  • John S.
  • John A.

Come to Order - 7:16

  • Space Organization Initiative - Nathan
    • We keep talking about how we need to get things organized, and the most frequent response is that we don't have enough proper storage. Let's change that.
    • I want to actually outline a plan allocating every area that has not yet been built out, decide what is going where, and begin setting up goals for us to achieve it along with a rough cost analysis and labor needs.
    • Want to suggest implimentation of ten minute clean up after we've gotten a system in order.
    • Plan on Thursday
  • 10 Minute cleaning
    • Consider which rules need to be addressed
  • List bylaws revisions to fix
    • most important - Meeting Organization
  • Graveyard computers need to better marked so people can use those available
  • PR Director
    • Consensus on language change
    • Julie needs to add a few lines about her position.
    • Will announce tonight, have ready.
  • Server Rack
    • $150 audiolines rack collection will be announced tonight
  • What's new on the Electricity front - Installed

Meeting Adjourned - 7:35