Board Meeting Notes 2009-08-18

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Board Meeting Minutes
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  • Jim
  • Sacha
  • Jeff
  • Eli
  • Ishmael
  • Julie
  • Nathan

Come to Order -

  • Member email addresses
  • RFID project - (Julie) Following up on today's discussion about security, I'd like to establish who will be putting together the project plan for integrating RFID into the space. This includes:
    • Estimated costs
      • Current plans for sharing expense and system with other bodega residents
      • Plans to communicate with Steve, Cafe owner, etc regarding sharing and confirm or move ahead without them
    • Resources needed (i.e. do we need a computer devoted to RFID? do we have one? etc.)
    • Projected timeline
    • Julie will lead the discussion on RFID
  • Organization Plans - (Julie) Now that PPPWRS is over, we can focus on organizing the space and getting it into a usable condition.
    • Who will take the lead on this? (I will if necessary, just want it established so that we can designate the point person for communications and scheduling group work efforts)
    • What resources do we need to finish organizing the space?
    • Additional questions / suggestions / concerns
    • Carpet has been installed in the loft yet we have lost power.

Meeting Adjourned -