Board Meeting Notes 2010-06-01

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Board Meeting Minutes
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Come to Order - 7:00pm

  • Amazon failed payments (Ishamel)
    • None have gone through for May
    • Get membership to sign up for Paypal

  • Bylaws
    • Do not have a dissolution statement, but we need one for 501c3.
    • Vote on statement in two weeks, or through proxy/online voting.
    • Ishmael & Nikki to create verbage.

  • Reinvigorate the space
    • Currently not conducive to getting work done
      • Clean-up party Saturday morn at 10AM
    • Focus on individual projects/members with member spotlights
    • New members, very passionate and excited; encourage them.
  • Geek Prom
    • Prop Theatre Venue (Avner)
    • Will get information/pricing for weekend dates

Adjourned - 8:00pm