Board Meeting Notes 2010-07-13

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Board Meeting Minutes
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  • Spacehunt
    • Second tour of space (Matthew)

  • First power tool accident
    • Table saw accident: safety guard got knocked out of alignment.
      • Until further notice the machine is out of commission.

  • Shopsmith
    • Can we get it up and running? Need to be able to certify people.

  • Kickstarter Set up (Anne)
    • Sweet home Chicago's Hackerspace
    • Resolution of Amazon payment and of language
    • If you want to be in a kickstarter video let Nathan know
      • Sarah

  • VIMBY proposal (Jordan)
    • Tabled

  • NYC taxi
    • putting together schedule

  • Geek Prom
    • Chicago Nerds: "helicopters" band event at Bottom Lounge
    • Collaborate as Geek Prom or other event?
      • We help with their event, they help with Geek Prom

  • Terminology
    • Hackerspace/Makerspace/Community Workshop
    • Trouble with sponsors when you say "hackerspace"
    • Lets have a three way vote
    • How deep does this branding go? Just take the word 'hackerspace' off our front page
    • If we make a cage, Jim will wear a canary suit and sit in it.

  • Diehard contract
    • Vote on contract by proxy in order to secure the sponsorship.

Adjourned - 7:53pm