Board Meeting Notes 2010-08-03

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Board Meeting Minutes
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Come to Order - 7:20pm

  • Donations
    • Rewards for bringing in the donation?
    • $$ off of membership fee?
    • Up to full member as reward? $20/month basically.

  • Makerfaire recap
    • Needed more volunteers for both booth and pprs
    • Booths need to be physically adjacent

  • VIMBY proposal (Jordan)
    • Wednesday the 4th @ 6:30 pm will open envelope
    • Transistor, Crash Space, NYC resistor also involved
    • Have 3 weeks to complete project
    • Probably shouldn't fucking curse on the film - make everyone aware

  • Geek Prom (Anne & Nathan)
    • Location will be CoProsperity sphere
    • Gretchen is getting a date set

  • Identity (Makerspace/Hackerspace/Community Workshop) taking Makerspace off of the front page (Sarah)
    • Publicity materials now will not say "hackerspace" but this makes it hard to tell WHAT we are...
    • Create a tagline "make.hack.craft"

  • Online Voting (Sarah)
    • create (Ryan)

  • CTO backup
    • Matt? Ask Ryan for a backup?
    • Sarah to send Ryan an e-mail

Adjourned - 8:00pm