Board Meeting Notes 2010-09-21

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Board Meeting Minutes
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Present: Sacha, Ishmael, Anne, Tim, Nathan, Shawn


  • "A Modest Proposal" Matthew

Matt wasn't here, this is postponed.

  • 501c3
    • Help Ishmael!

Ishmael needs help with the giant description of what we've done to benefit the community. Should include a list of all our classes, media hits, events, etc.

  • Member rewards specifics

Member Rewards

  • Fiscal Sponsorship (bucketworks)

Talking to James about getting this going

  • Fundraising

Looking for details on the Clear sponsorshp / reimbursement.

Need to meet with Mitch's lawyer friend to get super powers.

  • Current space negotiation? (Sacha)

Didn't get to the phone call, deferred to next week

  • New spaces toured last week

All details on Tim's thread on the mailing list. We can marginally afford these places, we'd need to rely on income increases in the next 6 months. This isn't unrealistic, especially if we consider raising rates.

Someone should talk to the space Eli found near the Irving Park blue line.