Board Meeting Notes 2010-09-28

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Board Meeting Minutes
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In attendance: Sacha, Anne, Ishmael, Matt, Nathan, Patrick, Shawn, Tim, et al.


Old Business

  • A modest proposal - start a committee to get this done.
    • Make a copy of the bylaws on the wiki, send that to the BoD to annotate and modify. Tim will do this.
  • space visit / space Eli saw / setting a lease deadline
    • Discussing possibility of renewing our current space, list of requests on director list.
    • Decide if leaving by Oct 15, Find a new space Oct 31 if necessary.
  • Hey, I know a projector we could buy... (Tim)
    • Shady to buy Tim's projector from ps1 funds, buy it from the ps1 vending fund for $100.
  • Clear sponsorship reimbursement details?
    • No update on reimbursement status since last meeting.
    • Making progress on finishing the hardware and script.
  • Mitch's lawyer friend
    • Anne and Sacha are meeting with him on Thursday.
  • Table saw
    • Shopsmith table saw until we get a free one
    • Need to get people certified.

New Business

  • Collaboration with IIT Idea Shop (Tim)
    • Laser and two 3d printers.
    • Dear god yes.
    • Electronic tools we don't use in exchange for access.
    • Corporate membership for their students.
  • Anne is out 10/12, who can run 300 SoF that week?
    • Patrick does!
  • Chicago Nerds halloween party cross promotion opportunity
    • Sounds good.
    • Anne will contact Chicago Nerds.
  • BucketWorks Fiscal Sponsorship - Step 1: send James our financial info.
    • Do that. (Ishmael)