Board Meeting Notes 2010-10-05

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Board Meeting Minutes
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In attendance:


Old Business

  • space visits: North Pulaski, other one from Shawn, and 1157 W. Grand
    • North Pulaski sucks. See the other two in the next week.
  • Clear sponsorship reimbursement details?
    • No new info.
  • Mitch's lawyer friend Update
    • We should talk to patent lawyers for sponsorship and ask them for clients who would be interested.
  • Collaboration with IIT Idea Shop (Tim)
    • Still want more feedback.
  • Chicago Nerds halloween party cross promotion opportunity - Speaking of things Tim didn't do ...
    • Put up eventbrite and advertise it.
  • BucketWorks Fiscal Sponsorship - Step 1: send James our financial info.
    • No new info.

New Business

  • Next year's BOD
  • Steve's Response