Board Meeting Notes 2010-11-16

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Board Meeting Minutes
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Old Business

  • New space
    • Current 3354 N. Elston is on the table
    • 2609 Barry is on the table
    • And the decision is... staying here!
  • School Factory fiscal sponsorship.

New Business

  • Fundraising: Element 14 / Newark
  • PS1 is underpriced - Revamping our membership levels.
    • Put our finances out in public to keep members informed.
    • Give the option to join for 30+ or 50+, pay what you want.
    • All the + money goes for tools, supplies, and space improvements.
  • hiring someone to clean and do upkeep
    • does anyone know how to offer an internship? Is this suitable?
      • is it even legal if we don't pay them? Must be educational.
      • Mentorship, not internship?