Board Meeting Notes 2012-02-07

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Board Meeting Minutes
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Meeting started at 07:10 pm


  • Tim Saylor
  • Patrick Callahan
  • Shawn Blaszak
  • Ishmael Rufus
  • Eric Stein
  • Steve Finkelman


Old Business

  • Did Eric ever get access to our dedicated server?
  • Update on Lindsay's proposed "Intro to hand sewing (including e-textiles)", and "How to dress like a man" classes.
  • Update on Avner's proposed a group rate for classes in brewing at the "Brew and Grow" around the corner.
  • Update on the space hunt: Progress towards LOI?
  • Budget for moving
  • New Member Procedure: Eric made a wiki page
  • Teaching a class procedure: Tim started a wiki page.
  • New board handover procedure: Tim started a wiki page
  • Any other procedure -> wiki page needs?

New Business

  • Financial/membership report full starving members in total
  • Flourish Workshop (flourish is March 30-31)


  • Eric still doesn't have access to the server
    • Ryan was contacted and said he'd give it to Patrick to give to Eric
  • Lindsey still hasn't set dates for her classes
  • Avner is still interested in setting up a Beer brewing class but hasn't set up a time/date for the class yet.
  • Brian has completed the LOI for the new building.
    • it has been looked at by Brian's qualified friends
    • Tim has signed it.
    • The official new address would be 3519 N. Elston
  • We need to set up a budget for the move and build-out
    • Tim is starting to set up a thread on the mailing list
  • We may need to renew our non-profit status with Home Depot
  • Eric made a wiki page about the new member process
  • We need to improve our response time for approving moderated messages to the mailing list
    • Eric will look into alternative solutions
  • Tim made a wiki page for a potential procedure for teaching a class
  • Eric suggested we create "working groups" to work on specific projects
  • Tim created a wiki page for the procedure for an outgoing board to hand over power to an incoming board.
  • Ish gave the report on membership count and financial status
  • We will be switching the web page to another server which we have direct control over.
  • Flourish wants us to run a hardeware hacking class March 30th and 31st. They may be willing to give us money for it.

Meeting adjourned at 07:45 pm