Board Meeting Notes 2012-02-21

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Board Meeting Minutes
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Meeting started at 07:15 pm


  • Tim Saylor
  • Patrick Callahan
  • Shawn Blaszak
  • Ishmael Rufus
  • Zlatan Klebic
  • Steve Finkelman
  • Dan Meyers


Old Business

  • Flourish Workshop (flourish is March 30-31)
  • Update on the space hunt
    • Status of Lawyer hunt
    • get shelves if he doesn't want them?
    • do we need to do anything with school factory re: the move?
    • did anyone jump on the kickstarter for the move idea? If not, is that because we want to avoid the publicity until the lease is signed?
    • Why does the state of Illinois list us as "Not Good Standing" in our "Corporate File Detail Report"?
  • Budget for moving

New Business

  • Financial/membership report full starving members in total
  • What's our policy on non-member tool use?
  • 2dkits building class at ps1 - just pick a date and let them know.
  • The First Annual Innov8 Denver Fest (Chris Luiz)


  • Shawn has checked the rates for rental trucks with lift gates
    • Budget has them: $29.99 per day + $0.99 per mile
  • Flourish
    • We have been approved for our workshop
    • Patrick's class
      • needs to buy soldering kits
      • Steve Finkelman will assist
      • Maybe around 20 students max
    • We need to confirm info for Ed's Arduino class
  • The Move
    • Haven't contacted the lawyer yet
    • Still need to contact the owner about leaving come shelves
    • Do we need to inform School Factory? Not for much other than inform them of change of address.
    • Kickstarter - At the very least, not until the lease is signed
    • Matching granst?
    • Rhys suggested an "Alumni Fund"
    • New space build-out hackathon
  • Bucketworks/School Factory
    • James is no longer in charge of Bucketworks
    • James is now focused on School Factory
  • Steve wants to have a "Cypher Breweries" beer tasting at the space
  • Certain non-members have been speding a lot of time here. Tim will explore the issue.
  • Non-members using tools
    • Non-members whenever they happen to be in the space: No
    • Non-members when a member is escorting them: No, but the member can do it for them
    • Non-members when during a class where the class is about the tools or needs to be used for the class: Yes, but only when they are being directly watched by the instructor.
    • Non-member instructors: Yes, but only with board approval
  • 2dKits class
    • yes, we want to have it
    • Any weekend after Flourish
  • Chris Luiz Denver wants to do a Makerfair contest
  • Dan Meyers needs to be re-imbursed for welding equipment
  • Lindsey is proposing the purchase of a CNC embroidery machine
    • Husqvarna
    • Floor model is $1200+tax
    • up to $1600 for support materials
    • Vote to be proposed during the meeting
    • will include training for 5-6 people

Meeting adjourned at 07:55 pm