Board Meeting Notes 2012-03-06

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Board Meeting Minutes
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Meeting started at 07:10 pm


  • Tim Saylor
  • Patrick Callahan
  • Shawn Blaszak
  • Ishmael Rufus
  • Zlatan Klebic
  • Steve Finkelman
  • Dan Meyers
  • Eric Stein


Old Business

  • 2dkits class update
  • Flourish Workshop update (flourish is March 30-31)
    • Payment arrival? Need to order kits soon.
  • Update on the space hunt
    • Status of Lawyer and the move
    • get shelves if he doesn't want them?
    • Staying at 3354 or moving, update
  • Fundraising idea from Tim White: job board, charge companies to list jobs?
  • Pumping Station: Two update
  • The extra room is cleared out. We shouldn't move anything into it until we are prepared to start paying for it.

New Business

  • Financial/membership report full starving members in total


  • Steve will handle the 2dkits class communication
  • Flourish will give us the money at the event
    • Patrick has found a kit that he wants to buy
  • Matt's dad has received a copy of the potential lease
    • He said he needs a copy of the LOI but it was already attached to the lease e-mail that was sent to him
  • Steve has a number of shelves that can be used in the new space
  • Staying at 3354 Elston is a dead issue
  • Tim White's fundraising idea
    • generally liked
    • Eric's friend suggested doing a reverse job fair
  • Pumping Station: Two - the ball is in their court
  • We won't use the extra room unless we decide to stay
  • Should be use the term "hackerspace"?

Meeting adjourned at 07:55 pm