Board Meeting Notes 2012-05-29

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Board Meeting Minutes
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Meeting start: 07:20 pm


  • Tim Saylor
  • Patrick Callahan
  • Shawn Blaszak
  • Ishmael Rufus
  • Eric Stein
  • Zlatan Klebish
  • Steve Finkelman


Old Business

  • Do we have keys yet?
  • Did anyone figure out utilities yet?
  • Any news about buying the table saw from Steve?

New Business

  • Network roll-out status
  • Financial/membership report


  • New Space
    • We now have keys to the new space
    • We will gain access to the upstairs rooms Thursday
    • We don't need to set up electricity because it will all be on Tony's bill and he'll charge us
    • We still need to set up garbage service
    • No news from Steve about us buying the table saw
    • We will be here until June 17th
    • No news from Steve about us staying or going for the next few weeks
    • Rhys is setting up the network connection to the new space
      • we can see if Tony wants to share internet services (he already has AT&T)
    • We need to make sure that we can receive mail at the new space
  • Financial/Membership report
    • Starving: 78
    • Full: 59

Meeting End: 07:30 pm