Board Meeting Notes 2012-07-03

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Board Meeting Minutes
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Meeting start: 07:13 pm


  • Tim Saylor
  • Patrick Callahan
  • Shawn Blaszak
  • Ishmael Rufus
  • Eric Stein
  • Steve Finkelman


Old Business

  • Dumpster service setup
    • Where should the new dumpster be kept?
  • Network roll-out status
    • Some wire-runs need to be fixed.
    • Printers need better network runs.
    • Better WiFi but getting there.
    • Atmosphere has resolved the majority of the Internet slowness.
    • More Ethernet has been purchased for setting up network in rear of shop soon.
  • Remaining things we need from the new landlord
    • removed his stuff (mostly)
    • AC in warehouse working, but dumping water on the floor? This will be fixed by him recharging the unit with freon?
    • inventory of his stuff left on our side (pending total move out)
    • Have we gotten confirmation from him if the stuff he left were donations or loans?
  • pick up the vacuum former
    • Is picked up
  • new members pending on the mailing list.
  • did the paid laser cutting job from last week get sent out to anyone? Shellie.
  • Did the landlord get paid? wire transfer failed. It looks like the ACH should go through by the 5th. Dan and Tony have been emailed about that.
  • Change address still needed, some progress and a report from Eric at
  • Status of money owed by the old landlord.

New Business

  • Financial/membership report
  • Bar Camp Sept 22/23?
  • Keep the hackers off the fabric table. What needs to happen to make the lounge usable?
  • 300 seconds of fame video links broken.
  • We need automatic door closers. Steve counts 7 needed. Who knows thing #1 about door closers?
  • Where is the laser cutter going to be located for the foreseeable future
    • Shawn has the fittings and regulator to attach it to the shop air (no more compressor noise) but needs to know how much clear plastic hose to buy.


  • We now have a dumpster. There will be an extra pickup on Thursday.
    • We will look into recycling service.
    • Ishmael offered to make a recycling run every Saturday
  • Eric said that the internet is working better but we need a little more network equipment to roll out access in the workshop area.
    • Eric listed what needs to be done in this meeting's agenda
  • OpenAccess
    • Rhys has all of the hardware and cards for the OpenAccess system.
    • Rhys and his committee are working on the software.
  • The new landlord
    • The new landlord has removed most of his stuff from the space
    • Tim says we can now inventory all of the stuff he has left and confirm that it is a donation rather than a loan.
    • There is stuff filling up the garage area.
    • The air conditioner in the warehouse needs the coils to be cleaned and the drain is level.
  • Laser cutter
    • The shop air needs a particulate filter
      • do we already have one?
      • If not how much will it cost
      • we need a replacement schedule
      • Steve will get the answers for these questions
      • Shawn will hold on buying the hose
  • the new members waiting for access to the mailing list have been dealt with
  • The person with the paid laser cutter job was at this meeting and the details about payment and the job were discussed
    • We need to determine, with Will and Shellie, how PS:One and them will be handling the money and purchasing of materials
  • Ishmael said that the payment to the new landlord has been set up correctly and gone through for this month.
  • Mailing address change.
    • Eric is working on it.
    • Kathy asked if we have updated our insurance company
  • We will look into whether, or not, we want to increase out insurance
  • Money owed to us by the old landlord
    • Tim has called Steve but it went to voicemail
    • Tim will try calling him every day until mid-week next week
    • If Steve does not respond, we will look into hiring a lawyer
  • We have received the vacuum former and need to decide on a more permanent location.
  • Geoffrey asked about a more expedited way to buy things for the space
    • Patrick said he has an idea for that
  • Ishmael gave the financial report
  • Membership Report
      • Full Members: 59
      • Starving Hackers: 79
      • Friends of PS:One: 2
  • It was agreed that door closers will be considered a moving expense
  • Hackers at the sewing table
    • Kathy believes that the hackers should clear off the table if someone wants to use it for sewing
    • General consensus is that no one should be eating at it.
    • we need to finish the lounge area to make more room for hanging out
      • the old materials need to be disposed of
      • Mold needs to be killed
      • the floor needs to be redone
      • some walls need to be painted
      • some walls need to be insulated and dry-walled
  • Eric needs to update the SVG preview for the Wiki
  • Tim brought up Sacha's proposal to grant him more powers
    • Fine details were ironed out for the proposed vote.

Meeting End: 08:08 pm