Board Meeting Notes 2012-12-11

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Board Meeting Minutes
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Meeting start:



  • read mail
  • Financial/membership report
  • Review the paypal and banking transactions.
  • Check the inbox weekly.

Old Business

  • Audit status (Indiana Steve)
  • Status of repayments (Indiana Steve)
  • New historical books (Indiana Steve)
  • Bylaw re-codification status (Tim)
  • Lighting in the warehouse area (Dan)
  • Find a new maid service (Shawn)
  • Status of checking the checks and Paypal for a membership tally (Steve and Tim)
  • Issue a new check for Will's work on the laser cutting job. Did the check get delivered? (Indiana Steve)
  • Annual report and change of registered agent (Tim)
  • Chuhak & Tecson free seminar on being a member of a board of directors and official responsibilities. (Shawn)
  • Status of money owed by the old landlord. (Tim)

New Business

  • Check the fiancial credentials in outright
  • Verify all recent reimbursements.
  • Did we pay our atmosphere bill?
  • Kevin Grant would like a donation letter for the fridge. Do we have to go through School Factory for that, and what value does it have? It's the one that we serve beer out of.


  • Change our address everywhere
  • inventory and ownership status of old landlord's stuff left on our side.
  • Check in with Area hosts about their ideas for the tool certification process at their next meeting. (Tim)
  • information fragmentation (wiki, gdocs, calendars, dropbox, mailing lists)
  • move the annual meeting to december in the bylaws.


    • Membership Report -
      • Full Members:
      • Starving Hacker:
      • Friends of PS1:
      • Total:

Meeting end: