Board Meeting Notes 2013-02-12

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Board Meeting Minutes
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Meeting start: 7:11


Board Members

Ed Bennett

Eric Stein

Bryanna Denney

Hailey Willis

Josh Krueger

Jesse Seay

Adam Dzak

Steve Farkas

Other Members

Sacha Deangeli

Tim Saylor

Geoffrey Topham

Steve Finkelman


  • read mail
  • Financial/membership report
  • Review the paypal and banking transactions.
  • Check the inbox weekly.
  • Go over the "Things the next board should deal with" list from the meeting of the 15th, it has a lot of stuff we have to be aware of.
  • Make sure everyone's emails to everyone else on the board is wrapped up (at some point in the evening) so everyone should go over their set of things they asked each other for and make sure it's all going to get covered asap.
    • Known: Eric getting Steve the treasurer email, ???
  • Do we like Trello enough to ask the whole space to use it? Josh, do we want to wait for LDAP? Does Trello do LDAP? Can we pay them to do LDAP?
  • Any progress on hackerspace management system search? (Eric, Josh).
  • Review Trello board, report progress made.

New Business

  • Insurance agent got us suggested new language for our liability waiver. Steve has it. We should discuss it. (Steve, Bryanna)
  • Is recycling equal or cheaper per cubic yd takeaway? If Shawn has not got back to Eric then someone should take this task of looking into it. We have too much trash to fit in the dumpster most weeks.
  • Threadless Offsite. Did Tim take enough initiative that we're actually allowed to line that up? 'Eric
  • Should we buy lightbulb that tim sent? One burnt out. Not sure where to buy.
  • We have an engagement letter from a law firm via LCA. Address it.
  • News from Cibola Incubator in Pilsen

Old Business

  • Did James give us his kitchen build-out plans as of today's meeting?
  • Report how the Chiditarod PR is going. Instructables guide update. Baxter update. (Adam)
  • Did Colin get his area host card? (Steve)
  • Audit status (Indiana Steve)
  • Status of repayments (Indiana Steve)
  • New historical books (Indiana Steve)
  • Status of money owed by the old landlord. (Tim). Eric will request update on this.
  • group should be recreated - not good that we let it lapse. Is this done yet? (Adam)
  • Eric did not hear back from Ishmael about the accounts info (Amazon, Pumping Donations) (as of Sunday night). Do we need to do something about that?
  • Wiki status: Migration, Backups? (Josh) - Eric, Steve, and Josh have been talking to Singlehop about getting us a cheaper deal on a decent VPS. Any progress?
  • THOTCON table - have Adam/Josh talked to Jaku yet? Would the people manning the table get free passes? What will this cost us if anything?


  • Change our address everywhere (List of places here:
  • inventory and ownership status of old landlord's stuff left on our side.
  • Check in with Area hosts about their ideas for the tool certification process at their next meeting. (Tim)
  • information fragmentation (wiki, gdocs, calendars, dropbox, mailing lists)
  • move the annual meeting to december in the bylaws.
  • Dwolla as a payment option? Some people hate paypal enough to not join. Don't do this if you can't set up a subscription in it.


  • Goes through mail
  • Does everyone like trello - Eric yes, josh and hailey haven't had time, Ed doesn’t like the email/facebook fishing of it, Adam no, bry likes it, Steve likes it
  • Eric and Tim talking about ps1 manager- integrating PayPal RFID to help us figure out who is a member and not, Tim has looked into Milwaukee makerspace version- says its pretty nice, but needs work for our purposes
  • Review trello board
  • Adam is trying to reclaim account - is stuck in interenet limbo
  • Bry wants to know how to respond to PayPal skipped payment emails
  • We discuss the use of a just directors trello board
  • New Iiability waiver, Bry and Steve have a goal to have it ready next week
  • Steve will look into pricing recycling
  • Threadless having a meeting here- they want to use the craft room from 9-5 for a day- we discussed having them buy the knitting machine to make up for members not being able to use e room for a day- Jesse will look into it with the craft people
  • Lightbulb for outside - both Tim's email thread and Shawn's - metal halides vs LED - steve will buy two of the halide lightbulbs- we voted and unanimously voted yes to the lightbulb purchase
  • Sacha- cibola incubator in Pilsen - new incubator invited us to put on a mini maker faire on August 24th. They will pay for it. They are talking to Jim about having powerwheels.
  • Tabled the kitchen plans
  • Ed- if we do something awesome With the raspberry pi care package adafruit will send us something even better. He will announce a call for fun projects at the members meeting
  • Chideterod update- Adam says our prize hasn’t been claimed yet
  • Eric says everyone read the info he will post on the directors list about lawyers for creative arts
  • Steve went over financial report and then passed out a spreadsheet about what it takes to run each area
  • Thotcon table is free, and one or two people should get free admittance to run the table
  • Doorbells are fixed
  • 500 donation from pitchfork didn't go through school factory and it should have
  • We plan to vote on tidy spaces at next weeks board meeting
    • Membership Report -
      • Full Members: 63
      • Starving Hacker: 105
      • Friends of PS1: 1
      • Total: 169

Meeting end: 8:00