Board Meeting Notes 2013-08-06

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Board Meeting Minutes
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Meeting start: 7:10


Board Members

  • Bry
  • Farkas
  • Josh
  • Ed
  • Hailey
  • Eric
  • Adam

Other Members


  • go over minutes from last meeting, do they look correct?
  • read mail
  • Financial/membership report
  • Review the paypal and banking transactions.
  • Check the inbox weekly.
  • Member leaving reason report
  • Review Trello board, report progress made.
  • new business
  • old business

New Business

  • Electrical stuffs
    • From Tom: Let's start with a 100' of 1/2" emt ( thin wall pipe) 10 to 15 1900 boxes, one box each of 1/2" connectors and couplings, at least one 500' reel of #12 wire in colors of white,black,red, not sure what supports to use yet. I spoke to some friends and they feel you will get flagged for the cord in the ceiling on 2nd flr, we will think of something.

Old Business

  • Orientation Program
    • Eric proposes that we establish an orientation program as the PS1 Orientation class, which must be attended within 3 months of joining. Members who have been members more than 3 months as of July 30th 2013 are grandfathered in and are not required to take the class. Those who are newer than 90 days old as members on July 30th 2013 are required to attend a PS1 Orientation class within the next 3 months, while those who join on July 31st or later have 3 months from the date they join.
    • Additionally, Eric suggests that all board members attempt to attend a PS1 Orientation class within 3 months as well, so as to be familiar with what is included and to ensure that they believe the orientation program contains the correct information.


  • Status of money owed by the old landlord. (Eric). We are working on sending information to a separate attorney.
  • move the annual meeting to november in the bylaws.
    • Handling as part of the new bylaws.
  • Go over the "Things the next board should deal with" list from the meeting of the 15th, it has a lot of stuff we have to be aware of.


  • Steve went over financial report
  • went over membership report
  • orientation program
  • went over membership leaving report- nothing terrible
  • fire inspection thats not a fire inspection is on monday
  • talked about membership harrassment issue


  • Vote for Eric's orientation program:
    • present board votes unanimously for it as it's worded
  • Membership Report -
    • Full Members: 82
    • Starving Hacker: 155
    • Friends of PS1: 2
    • Total: 239

Meeting end: 8:59