Board Meeting Notes 2013-08-20

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Board Meeting Minutes
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Meeting start: 7:07


Board Members

  • Eric
  • Bry
  • Farkas
  • Hailey
  • Adam
  • Ed
  • Josh

Other Members


  • go over minutes from last meeting, do they look correct?
  • read mail
  • Financial/membership report
  • Review the paypal and banking transactions.
  • Check the inbox weekly.
  • Member leaving reason report
  • Review Trello board, report progress made.
  • new business
  • old business

New Business

  • Vote to give member point to Ryan Pierce
  • Vote for CNC host
  • Informal fire inspection report

Old Business


  • Status of money owed by the old landlord. (Eric). We are working on sending information to a separate attorney.
  • move the annual meeting to november in the bylaws.
    • Handling as part of the new bylaws.
  • Go over the "Things the next board should deal with" list from the meeting of the 15th, it has a lot of stuff we have to be aware of.


  • Steve went over financial report
  • we are at 19% female membership
  • Bry went over member leaving reports - again financial and time management issues, nothing sinister
  • read mail
  • informal fire inspection by Dean's ex fire inspector friend- we are good for not lighting ourselves on fire, but we need to make our space safer for fireman should we have a fire - less clutter. We have good aisles but we need many more of them and need to be militant about keeping them clear
  • Eric needs reimbursement for laser parts, we already voted on the purchase
  • limited amount cards for area hosts- solution is to use credit cards that we can set limits on, we need to put this up to vote for membership because the board is not authorized to enter loans without membership approval, and though we will be paying the balances, a credit card is technically a loan. Bry will prepare the vote.
  • no progress update on liability waiver
  • paypal bouncebacks- steve has found a way to get it to stop happening
  • audit status- no progress
  • flourish paperwork - no progress
  • meetup - the person who stole our meetup is avoiding us
  • getting all members on trello- bry has started- travis taylor volunteered to help
  • Eric went over the statement he plans to read about member being indefinately banned
  • nothing came to complaints @
  • pitchfork - no progress
  • building electrical systems- eric still hasn't bought the supply list- he may delegate it
  • corporate filing- no progress
  • secretary of state- bry filled out new paperwork, just needs check from steve
  • haskai LLC - steve is going to contact their lawyer, since they are the ones that probably filed the paperwork with ps1 as their business address
  • Tim floats the idea of having the membership vote for a group of members to work together when there are complaints of harassment and investigate and then report to the board, They probably wouldn't have to meet all that often, and it would keep future boards from screeching to a halt everytime there is an incident.
  • Adam brings up the idea of having a third tier of membership that would be a shared membership with SSH.


* Present board voted unanimously to appoint Elizabeth Koprucki as CNC area host
* Present board voted unanimously to award Ryan Pierce a membership point for keeping our blog up to date with educational posts

  • Membership Report -
    • Full Members: 82
    • Starving Hacker: 159
    • Friends of PS1: 2
    • Total: 243

Meeting end: 8:05