Board Meeting Notes 2015-07-28

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Board Meeting Minutes
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Meeting Start: 7:10 PM


  • Board Members
    • Derek
    • Ray
    • Jenny
    • Sevin
    • Shelia
    • Ryan
  • Other Members
    • Jay
    • Giovani
    • Justin


  • read mail
  • Financial/membership report
  • Review the paypal and banking transactions.
  • Check
  • Member leaving reason report
  • Check RT queue
  • Review Trello board, report progress made.
  • review
  • check talk page for board meeting notes, see if any discussion on the agenda took place
  • new business
  • old business

New Business

Old Business

  • Account delegation
    • Chase
      • Need to make downtown trip with Derek. Will get Sevin a Chase card and add Ryan to account.
  • Ray to get business cards for Board members, and "generic" PS:One cards.
    • Business cards - Someone needs to pay for this. PEX card ordered for Ray, has not arrived.
  • Costco business membership
  • Insurance Review
    • Member feedback requested on 3 policies. Comments indicate Animal policy may need revision. Need to discuss
    • Cameras - These are purchased, stored by the bar, awaiting install. Dave will install these if nobody gets to it before him. He could use help. Cables run for one camera.
  • Billing landlord for his share of electricity
    • Sevin requested meter readings from the landlord for the electric bill so we can bill him for this.
  • Emergency Lights
    • Sevin says most are mounted to the walls. We need to hire an electrician to wire them.
  • T-shirt swag
    • Samples made. Buying some for people going to Maker Faires. On hold due to graphics resolution issue.
  • PEX Card
    • Ray's PEX card has not arrived.
    • Tom needs to re-order a new card for Sevin.
    • Tom will contact PEX on both issues.
  • Accounting
    • Tom is meeting with Jeff Upchurch, the accountant, on Thursday. We are asking for asking for a status report by Friday indicating the schedule for filing 990s.
  • Area Host and Volunteer Authorizer review


  • Mail: ???
  • Membership report:
    • Full members: 111
    • Starving hackers: 287
    • Total: 398
  • Financial report: Chase: $90,500, PayPal: $11,000, PEX: $10,000
  • Member leaving reason report:
    • Moved away, would like to have had more "How to use" instruction available for use of tools in the space beyond basic authorization
    • Moved to San Jose
    • Full time job has taken up their time so not using membership. Would like to have better info on the wiki, with suggestion to add support for members.
    • Temporary suspension, saving some money. Suggestions for making the space more inviting.
  • RT
    • 3111 - Pay Dave back for hosting fees
    • 3123 - Purchase the new Planner
    • 3181 - Points request for Turk Night - all except Jenny as she is a board member
    • 3182 - Makerfaire Detroit - approved for all
    • 3110 - Ray requesting to redeem a point - Yes
    • 3101 - Ray requesting point for laser auths - Yes
    • 3109 - Ray requesting point for 3d printer - Yes
    • 3120 - Will requesting point for analog game night - Yes
    • 3118 - Lyn requesting to use a point to upgrade - Yes
    • 3171 - Shae wants to spend 2 points - yes
  • New Business
    • Treasurer Replacement
      • The Board received notification of Tom's resignation as Treasurer on Thursday, July 23, effective immediately.
      • A call for nominations was put out that same day. The intention is to close nominations on Thursday, July 30, post a ballot to the membership on that date, and hold an election for Treasurer on August 4.
      • This meets the requirements to keep nominations open for 1 week and provide 5 days notice to members.
  • Old Business
    • Update on applications for Area Hosts and Authorizers. About 6 people have applied, Shae for 3 spots. Will work on organizing the info and scoring sheet.
    • Ryan now has the 990s to file and is planning on scanning them first for brief review by the other Board members.
    • The 990s list incorrect info for the Board for prior years. We have contacted our accountant Jeff Upchurch to correct this before filing.
    • Ryan working to extract info and add into 1023 application for 501(c)(3).
    • Ray and Sevin's PEX cards have arrived
    • Dave has run some video cables

Board meeting closed at: 7:28 PM