Board Meeting Notes 2015-10-13

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Board Meeting Minutes
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Meeting Start: 6:58 PM


  • Board Members
    • Brian
    • Ray
    • Sheila
    • Jenny
    • Doorman Dave
  • Other Members


  • read mail
  • Financial/membership report
  • Review the paypal and banking transactions.
  • Check
  • Member leaving reason report
  • Check RT queue
  • review
  • check talk page for board meeting notes, see if any discussion on the agenda took place
  • new business
  • old business

Consent Agenda

New Business

  • Sheila says that we got a lot of feedback that people would like more classes. We should encourage them to hold classes; maybe charge for classes? We can do this as members, not just as board members.

Old Business


  • Mail: Junk mail and bills. Member mail. Letters from the IRS charging us penalties for filing late. Need to be scanned. Total penalties are about $13,000 for 2011, 2012, and 2013 filings. See Brian for more specifics. More letters for Brian. One letter is from Google. Lots of Comcast mail.
  • Financial Report:
    • Savings: $60,634.16
    • PayPal: $4,833.98
    • Checking: $33,556.70
    • PEX: $7,230.01
  • Member Leaving Reason Report (9):
    • A few months where don't need to use space, will rejoin by November. Lives a long way from PS1.
  • RT:
    • Note: Derek and Brian took care of some of these already.
    • 3596: Triano needs to provide receipt.
    • 3252: Numbers do not match up, Derek needs to provide an actual receipt.
    • 3231: Brian needs to know what the Plante Moran receipt is for
    • 3514: Tony has been notified of electric bill reimbursement
    • 3406: Need to research the spending for tool cage. Double check that Shae has PEX card; yes.
    • 2971: Jason needs to provide receipts if he wants to be reimbursed for spray paint covering supplies.
    • 1618: Dean needs to provide receipt for CNC Bridgeport.
    • 2782: Ryan needs to confirm that the Heidenhain encoder repair item was purchased or not.
    • 1852: Shellie or Derek need to confirm if the software was ever purchased.
    • 1237: Need receipts for lights that were already purchased and see how many funds are left; Ray recommends hiring an electrician if any remaining funds.
  • Member Points:
    • 3619: Board except for Doorman Dave voted to give Doorman Dave a member point for TOOL.
    • 3610: Brad Jimenez wants to spend his member point for a refund. Sheila will take care of it.
    • 3611: Board except for Ray Doeksen voted to give Ray a member point for authorizing 5 people on the laser cutter.
    • 3602: Ryan is refunding 2 member points for October.
    • 3592: Board voted to grant Jonathan Bisson a member point for running PYOO for Sheila.


Membership Report

  • Full Members: 108
  • Starving Hackers: 275
  • Total: 383

Meeting End: 8:01 PM