Board Meeting Notes 2015-11-17

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Board Meeting Minutes
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Meeting Start:


  • Board Members
    • Justin
    • Ray
    • Sheila
    • Jenny
    • Brian
    • Lyn
  • Other Members
    • Karl
    • Paul R. Claussen Sr. - T.A. Cummings Jr. Co


  • Insurance agent Paul Claussen Sr.- update on what had changed in 2015 with our assets

Events don't need to be separate insurance. Open house is okay to have and not get extra insurance, regular events also don't need extra insurance. We are off the regular path. When we are being a hackerspace we are all good when it comes to events. Liquor insurance is covered for someone who does something out of the norm because of drinking. There is a fudge factor. We have insurance that cover special events liability. We have 77k+ coverage in assets. Loss of income is low. Fire department charge is covered. Insurance covers the entity not the square footage. Liability is 1M. Directors are covered for liabilities. 501c3 is important and is in the works. We are a new entity for the insurance industry. Umbrella insurance is a possibility. We have enough insurance to restart if the place gets destroyed or is unusable. Flammables was an issue in getting the umbrella policy. Paul will go over the umbrella policy. We will look at what we have acquired over the year. 501c3. We need to inform insurance if we get 430-450 members.

  • read mail

Chase laser statements DCMA letters 3 from Nov. 1st and 6 from Nov. 4th

  • Financial/membership report

Savings 60,636.14, Pex 7,931.97 Member points: as of 11-11-15 1,610.00 through paypal 370.00, remaining points outstanding 5000 in points.

  • Review the paypal and banking transactions.

Paypal 11,453.89

  • Check

Checking 31,955.08

  • Member leaving reason report

Move out of Chicago to Denver, expand on cert process Move to San Jose, another level of membership where people can hold a space Masters degree program Moving to Dallas Started grad school Didn't have time to be involved in the community. Totally personal and never made it out. Audio Bacilica group was a reason the join and that went away.

  • Check RT queue

Brian is checking RT. Tony wants to hand a check to us for electric. Jan. 2 llweb 38.20 ( training videos? Stop fee from bank in March. USPS laser part return. Member point Khoi 1 point shopbot class for Andrew, Jason 2 points laser cutter, Jesse 1 point authorizing on knitting machines. Member points granted. Member points program will be scaled back in 2016.

  • check talk page for board meeting notes, see if any discussion on the agenda took place
  • new business
  • old business

Derek is waiting for status on 1023/1024 form. Application is being reviewed before sending it out. Cash payments are hard to keep track of.

Consent Agenda

New Business

Old Business



CNC authorizer Matt is the new CNC authorizer.

Membership Report

Members Full 116, Starving 282, quorum 39