Board Meeting Notes 2016-03-15

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Board Meeting Minutes
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Meeting Start:


  • Board Members
    • Justin Conroy
    • Lyn Cole
    • Michael Skilton
    • Simon Pyle
  • Other Members
    • None


  • Check talk page for board meeting notes, see if any discussion on the agenda took place
  • Consent Agenda
  • Committee Reports
  • Read mail
  • Financial/membership report
  • Review the PayPal and banking transactions
  • Member leaving reason reports
  • Check RT queue
  • New business
    • The Space Planning Committee has asked us to seek a professional opinion as to what is required of us in regards to ADA compliance.
    • CNC plasma cutter vote crowd funding provision.
  • Old business
    • Property insurance coverage.


Discussion on previous minutes

  • N/A
  • Previous meeting minutes approved unanimously

Consent Agenda

Committee Reports

Reports from Committees

Space Committee

  • Working on three proposals
    • Considering wall moves
  • Not recommending adding new area hosts
  • Three plans expect to be presented by end of March to membership
  • Currently ~$15,000 cost projected for buildout
  • How will the vote run?
    • Ranked choice voting, two rounds, or something else?
  • Suggestions: give members longer than a week for review of plans

Safety Committee

  • Waiting for a lease date
  • "Landlord works addendum" - items we need the landlord to fix
    • Needs to be updated in current lease draft

Bylaws Committee

  • Formed but not yet met


  • Letter from the IRS
    • We got 501(c)3 status! Thanks to everybody who worked towards making this happen.
  • Returned check from Adams Refrigeration
    • Justin to write a new check to Adams Refrigeration

Financial Report

  • Chase Checking: $48,412.35
  • Chase Savings: $73,644.66
  • PEX: $1,727.12
  • PayPal: $2,537.24
  • No transactions in quickbooks other than Paypal since the last meeting

Membership Report

  • Starving Hackers: 271
  • Full Members: 112
  • Total Members: 383
  • Quorum: 38

Member Leaving Reason Reports

(Covers past 4 weeks)

  • Didn't take advantage of the space, didn't have a project
  • Negativity towards people who are not authorized on equipment
  • Live in Libertyville, drive was difficult; difficult to get trained on laser & makerbot
  • Moved away
  • Too busy
  • Didn't have need for tools, would have liked to have more table workspace
  • Moving to Evanston, saving money
  • Lives far away. ID check was annoying - took 4 trips. Too many places to check for authorization information.
  • Didn't visit often enough, not enough free time

Procedural Discussion

  • Member leaving reports take up a lot of the meeting time
  • Can we share member leaving reports in a way outside of the meeting?


Member Point Requests

  • [4405 Ryan requests points for 3 blog posts and office hours with 7 attendees
    • Vote to grant 4 points
  • [4397] Jesse requests member points
    • 2 points
  • [4362] Anna requests point for Jason
    • 1 point
  • [4361] Ray requests point for laser authorization
    • 1 point
  • Vote for all member points passes unanimously
  • Side note: our budget for member point is 4 per meeting
  • [4407] Ryan requests spend 2 member points
  • [4385] Jason requests spend the rest of his points
  • [4354] Spend request
    • Michael to handle spend requests

Member spend point process:

  • Make a comment approving the point. Make a note in the ticket of whether you updated the member point balance on the member site. Add it to the Treasury queue, and Brian will handle it from there.

New Business

ADA Compliance

  • Space planning committee has asked us to seek professional opinion about what ADA regulations we may need to comply with
    • Ask our current attorneys?
    • If they can't give advice, at least give a referral
    • Justin to ask lawyers for an opinion on ADA compliance

  • Michael to talk to Jennie about donation forms
  • Open Suspended Payment Tickets
  • New status on member payment queue - for tickets that we need to followup on in the near future
    • Ask Dave to add a new status to member payment queue for Paypal suspended payment cases

Old Business

Liability Coverage

  • Michael to share information about liability coverage to Director's Google Drive
  • We have about $77,850 of coverage
  • Michael has identified roughly $122,000 of assets based on wiki values and receipts
  • Rough guess of assets is $175,000
  • Brian will contact insurance company to get a quote to cover identified assets
    • Michael has a number of locks with similar keys for the donation boxes - talk to Jennie & Andrew about lock plans?

To Do

  • Ray will send pdfs of cards - DONE
    • Ray to order business cards
  • Jennie to collect Ron's key to donation box - DONE
    • Hot metals key was at the board meeting
  • [RT4350] Jennie to reply (and include Ray's contact)
  • Simon to check in with Brian about Flying Broomstick payments - DONE
  • Michael will look into a template for written agreements with volunteers - DONE
    • They tend to specify no compensation of any kind
  • Michael to ask Eric to push Dan to sign a lease - DONE
  • Michael to handle member point tickets - DONE
    • [4323] Dave requesting a member point - DONE
    • [4315] Ray requests a member point - DONE
    • [4322] Lyn requests member points - DONE
    • [4321] Lyn requests to spend a member point
  • Simon to update Justin about canceling the ACH rent payment for next month - DONE
  • Simon to let Brian know about Treasury tickets 4354 & 4336 for when he's recovered - DONE
  • [RT4317] Simon to let them know we haven't seen the tripod mount - DONE
    • Turns out we did find it. Didn't hear back from those shooting though.


To Do

  • Justin to write a new check to Adams Refrigeration
  • Michael to talk to Jennie about donation forms
  • Michael to handle member point spend requests
  • Who is handling member give point requests?
  • Brian will contact insurance company to get a quote to cover identified assets (~122K)
  • Ray to order business cards
  • Ask Dave to add a new status to member payment queue for Paypal suspended payment cases
  • [RT4350] Jennie to reply (and include Ray's contact)