Board Meeting Notes 2016-11-15

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Board Meeting Minutes
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Meeting Start:


  • Board Members
    • Justin
    • Lyn
    • Michael
    • Simon
    • Jennie
  • Other Members


  • Check talk page for board meeting notes, see if any discussion on the agenda took place
  • Consent Agenda
  • Committee Reports
    • What is the total spending to date?
  • Read mail
  • Financial/membership report
  • Review the PayPal and banking transactions
  • Member leaving reason reports
  • Check RT queue
  • New business
    • Liability release is inadequate and needs to be revised.
  • Old business


Discussion on previous minutes

  • N/A

Consent Agenda

  • Previous meeting minutes approved unanimously

Committee Reports

Reports from Committees

Space Buildout Committee

  • Still haven't had reconciliation of expenses
  • $7531 spent so far - but the latest entries are from October
    • Doesn't include dust collection expenses
  • Budget was $10,159

Bylaws Committee

  • Waiting on lawyers for feedback
    • Justin to reply


  • Dues from Bob
  • BofA - you have a new account! We're closing your new account!

Financial Report

  • Chase Checking: $102,264.97
  • Chase Savings: $35,668.59
  • PEX: $12,149.89
  • PayPal: $6,313.66

Membership Report

  • Starving Hackers: 295
  • Full Members: 131
  • Total Members: 426
  • Quorum: 44

Review the PayPal and banking transactions

  • Chase
    • Transfer from savings to checking, paid for blog, water

Member Leaving Reason Reports


  • Payment to First Aid company - Brian resolved

New Business

  • Liability release is inadequate and needs to be revised.
    • Attorney members have offered to revise it
    • Once they do so, we'll take a look
  • RT not creating new tickets from info@
  • Space IT infrastructure
    • Daniel is working on things
    • Justin will ensure Daniel has admin access
    • Systems group has existed in the past, is somewhat dormant
    • Justin to text Dave
    • Justin will email list to ask for volunteers for systems group after touching base with Dave

Old Business

Old Todos