Board Meeting Notes 2016-12-20

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Board Meeting Minutes
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Meeting Start:


  • Board Members
    • Jennie, Lyn, Ray, Michael, Brian, Justin
  • Other Members



Discussion on previous minutes

Consent Agenda

  • Previous minutes approved

Committee Reports

Reports from Committees


All junk.

Financial Report

  • Chase Checking: $108,382.97
  • Chase Savings: $35,670.37
  • PEX: $6,521.86
  • PayPal:$7,623.92

Membership Report

  • Starving Hackers: 306
  • Full Members: 129
  • Total Members: 435
  • Quorum: 43

Review the PayPal and banking transactions

Member Leaving Reason Reports

  • New child, relocation.
  • Temporary cancellation---limited time to hack.
  • Too much work, out of area.
  • Physical ailments, recovery time needed.
  • Brief hiatus due to work.
  • Too much laser down-time.
  • Restricted cash flow.
  • New job far away.


  • POINTS PASS - Jennie to grant

New Business

  • Cold Metals Authorizer
    • JP removed as volunteer authorizer – Lyn to put up fliers for new cold metals authorizer
  • Tool Cage Budget
    • Vote to determine who, if any, is the responsibly party for managing the Tool Cage budget, given that the area host position was abolished by the BoD
    • Ron of hot metals is delegated the position of interim tool cage area host for a period of 1 hour.
  • SSH keys accidentally removed, Justin re-adding keys.

Old Business

  • Doorcode change
    • Audit complete, ready for announcement email - Simon to send.
  • Insurance
    • Theft Inclusion - Brian
  • IT system group status - Justin to recruit.
  • Closed Meeting