Board Meeting Notes 2017-04-04

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Board Meeting Minutes
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Meeting Start:


  • Board Members
    • Jennie
    • Carl
    • Ray
    • Ed
  • Other Members


  • Check talk page for board meeting notes, see if any discussion on the agenda took place
  • Consent Agenda
  • Committee Reports
  • Read mail
  • Financial/membership report
  • Review the PayPal and banking transactions
  • Member leaving reason reports
  • Check RT queue
  • New business
    • requiring use of "area" email, and Amazon Business account registration for PEX spenders. (
    • Start process for a new hot metal authorizer
  • Old business


Discussion on previous minutes

Consent Agenda

Committee Reports

Reports from Committees


Financial Report

  • Chase Checking: $95,522.10
  • Chase Savings: $35,675.08
  • PEX: $20,677.39
  • PayPal: $8,018.42

Membership Report

  • Starving Hackers: 319
  • Full Members: 137
  • Total Members: 456
  • Quorum:46

Review the PayPal and banking transactions

Member Leaving Reason Reports


New Business

Bylaws Legal Review

  • Ed is talking to some lawyers about bylaws review
    • $500 - $1000 (at low end) for readthrough and discussion and perhaps a second look
    • Ed's contact will send us a specific quote and follow up
    • Board votes unanimously to authorize spending of up to $1000 on bylaws review

Need new woodshop authorizer & hot metals authorizer

  • Jennie will post (signs? email?) tonight

How did cleaning day go?

  • Great question. None of us were there. So.

Pex Card & Amazon Business

  • Need to talk to

Member Points

  • Our budget is approximately 18 points per month
  • Shelly requesting two member points 6312
  • Trygve requesting one member point 6507
  • Andy requesting some points 6312
  • Board votes to grant Andy 4 points, Shelly 2 points, Trygve 1 point
    • Also encourage Shelly to request points closer to the event happening and encourage trygve to do things like hosting a Forth class
    • Should we put a limit on the number of member points that one person can earn in a month?

Scholarship Points

  • How do we keep track?
    • Andrew is going to talk to Skilton


  • Is it for sale?
    • Brian to talk to landlord

Old Business

Insurance Application

  • Jennie has filled out application, it's in the Google Drive.

ADA Renovations

  • Ray has an ADA architect coming in next Tuesday during the open house. It's another option in addition to the other consultants he's brought in. Plan is to choose one of the options afterwards.

Bylaws committee

  • pretty close to putting out the current DRC version for review
  • Need to think about how it works with existing bylaws. Proposed bylaws address the DRC, but need a short-term solution t
    • Possibly ask DRC to make a suggestion to board + 1, which will then approve or reject the proposed solution
      • Yep, that sounds good.