Board Meeting Notes 2017-09-05

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Board Meeting Minutes
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Meeting Start: 7:06PM


  • Board Members
    • Andrew
    • Carl
    • Jonathon
    • Brian
    • Jennie
    • Ed
  • Other Members
    • Casey
    • Erik
    • Jim B.


Discussion on previous minutes

Consent Agenda


Committee Reports

Reports from Committees


  • Member mail was placed in bottom slot of mailbox

Financial Report

  • Chase Checking: $55,637.90
  • Chase Savings: $85,684.92
  • PEX: $14,474.11
  • PayPal: $14,762.97

Membership Report

  • Starving Hackers:
  • Full Members:
  • Total Members:
  • Quorum:

Review the PayPal and banking transactions

Member Leaving Reason Reports


New Business

  • Discussion on hiring a person at PS1
    • Shop foreman?
    • Afford $10/hr
    • Todo: job description, roles and duties
    • Hire lots of people once a month?
  • Cash payers
    • Dues are due by the first? 7 day grace period. Prorating.
    • Process for discontinuing membership
    • Non-members with admin rights to everything, still on Google groups, etc
    • Create a wiki page with process and locations to go remove user rights - get data security group to do it
    • Someone should talk to hackerspace in Dallas about how they automate
  • Area hosts
    • Discussion on role of area host.
  • Discussion about spending $1200/yr for AWS hosting for PS1 services (wiki, auth, etc)
  • Scholarships
    • Stipend for supplies?
    • Create a process?

Old Business


  • Vote to require cash payment by the first of the month. Passed.
  • Area hosts
    • Vote to reinstate returning area host. Passed.
      • Aushra - small metals
      • Erik Wessing - general
      • Ron Olson - hot metals
      • Eric Beauchamp - woodshop
      • Shellie Lewis - graphic arts and textiles
      • Anna Yu - electronics
    • Vote for Jim B. to be cold metals area host. Passed.
    • Vote for Ash to be CNC area host. Passed.
  • Vote to give Madeline S. scholarship for three months of membership. Passed.