Board Meeting Notes 2019-04-02

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Board Meeting Minutes
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Meeting Start: 7:00pm


  • Board Members
    • Andrew Camardella
    • Alisha Ciardi
    • Jennie P.
    • Andrew Sowa
    • Sky Nova
    • Alex Berkowitz - Absent
    • Molly Adamski
    • Mark Creasy
  • Other Members


  • Check talk page for board meeting notes, see if any discussion on the agenda took place
  • Consent Agenda
  • Committee Reports
  • Read mail
  • Financial/membership report
    • PEX: $12,935.05
    • Chase Savings: $110,809.77
    • Chase Checking: $48,256.80
    • Paypal: $21,538.79
  • Review the PayPal and banking transactions
  • Member leaving reason reports
  • Check Freshdesk queue
  • Member Point Review
  • New business
    • Review Applicant Selection Protocol
    • Select DRC Candidates
    • Select Member Management Team
    • Make decision for 3 scholarship applications
    • Area Host Team Feedback thus far
    • Tidy Space & Upcoming Town hall
    • Review Storage Email
    • Anniversary Party & Summit
    • Member meeting schedule for Board members

  • Old business
    • discuss automating member points in WildApricot
    • discuss implementation of change to membership dues
    • Door Code Change Status
    • Air Quality
    • board task list review


  • Consent Agenda
    • meeting minutes ok
    • Committee Reports


  • Dincinacial ok
  • Member leaving


  • Fresh Desk
    • PS1 as company address not okay
    • intership request - denied
    • Scholarship for Schurz School how to apply first robotics
    • Area Host Shopbot Authorization - done but some minor **bug in freshdesk with missing emails
    • Steve F. ID check access - limited administrative **not completed yet needs IT work Ron working

  • Member Point
    • Charlie Melidosian - #23 approved universal
  • Review Applicant Selection Protocol
    • General guidelines for selecting people for committees

so everything is setup before things are finalized

  • Area Host Team Feedback thus far
    • Great idea but maybe hard to get people
    • Molly has a four person safety team that seems to be working
    • Careful not to encourage volunteers to clean up after members
    • How to handle push back on asking people to clean up their own mess
    • Clean up during authorizations to get people used to cleaning
    • More people can be more work for some area hosts
    • Let people keep some things the way they are
    • May focus on education and change name to be mainly education exercise
    • Crossover of power may become an issue
    • Can start smaller than initial proposal
    • Do area host review so we can get individual feedback
    • Areas do not belong to area hosts
    • Effective vs ineffective
    • Needed more heads up before big changes

  • Tidy Space & Upcoming Town hall
    • Allisha and Eric conversation
    • Improperly occupied storage is different than other tidy space items
    • town hall and live stream Monday 4/8
  • Review Storage Email
    • guide to storage at PS1 email
    • add as template in WA

8Anniversary Party & Summit

    • Marketing and events being planned
    • RFID design sprint?
    • Lightning talks
  • Member meeting schedule for Board members
    • to happen offline

  • Closed Door Portion
  • Select Member Management Team
  • unanimous - selections


  • Member Point
    • Charlie Melidosian - #23 approved universal
  • Member Management Team
    • Unanimous approval